Our single-serving iced desserts 

140ml - 12 servings per box

Speculoos & Bourbon vanilla

Speculoos ice cream, Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla and Speculoos biscuit chunks.


Calisson (melon and almond candy) ice cream, candied orange peel, caramelized almonds and candied melon.

Iced nougat 

Made from Montélimar nougat cream with nougat chunks, nuts (caramelized hazelnuts, almonds, roasted pistachios) and candied orange peel.


Almond biscuit, Caribbean dark chocolate and white chocolate ice creams with crispy bites of white chocolate.

Decoration: printed contour and sour cherry.

Iced Limoncello soufflé

Limoncello liqueur flavored ice cream.

Raspberry nougat

Almond biscuit, raspberry sorbet, nougat ice cream.

Decoration: dried fruits.

Single chocolate crispy square

Almond biscuit, almond and hazelnut crisp, wafer flakes, meringue shell, dark chocolate ice cream.

Decoration: dark chocolate chips, Breton logo plaque.

Lemon raspberry

Almond biscuit, lemon and lime sorbet (20% fruit), raspberry sorbet and a raspberry confit.

Mandarin sorbet & Grand Marnier®

Almond macaroon biscuit, mandarin sorbet, diced candied orange, Grand Marnier® ice cream.

Decoration: diced candied orange.

Grand Marnier® iced soufflé

Grand Marnier® ice cream with natural bitter orange extract.

Chartreuse iced soufflé

Green Chartreuse liqueur ice cream.

Cointreau® iced soufflé 

Cointreau® ice cream