Full fruit sorbets 

A taste of the exotic.

Roussillon apricot (60% fruit)

Costa Rica pineapple (59% fruit)

Costa Rica banana (45% fruit)

Noir de Bourgogne blackcurrant (49% fruit)

Sicilian lemon (27% fruit)

Lime (27% mixed lime and lemon)

Sengana strawberry (56% fruit)

Raspberry (52% fruit)

Morello cherry (65% fruit)

Asian lychee (53% fruit)

Mandarin (60% fruit)

Alphonso mango from India (45% fruit)

Cantaloupe melon (49% fruit)

Mirabelle plum from Lorraine (59% fruit)

Bilberry (58% fruit)

Sri Lanka coconut (57% fruit)

Sicilian blood orange (60% fruit)

Passion fruit (41% fruit)

Vine peach from the hills of Lyon (56% fruit)

Williams pear from Rhône-Alpes (54% fruit)

Cider apple (20% apple, 48% cider – this is not a “Full Fruit” sorbet)

Granny Smith apple (54% fruit)

2.5 liters

The fruits used in our sorbets are selected for the quality of their origin and variety.

They are harvested ripe to ensure full flavor.

Our sorbets are made with a volume of fruit that is always above the “Full Fruit” norm requirements. 

They are made with 100% natural ingredients.

We aim to bring you the real flavor of the fruit with our sorbets.