Our handmade ice creams

Candy floss (all the flavour of traditional candy floss)

Espresso coffee (100% Arabica)

Salted butter caramel (butter and Guérande salt)

Chartreuse (Green Chartreuse)

White chocolate (Swiss white chocolate)

Chocolate (Frey chocolate with Swiss dark chocolate chips)

Crème brûlée (with real cream, lightly flavored with vanilla, caramel sauce)

Génépi (Génépi from the Alps)

Lavender (natural flavoring and honey from the Alps)

Chestnut (chestnut paste)

Mint chocolate (mint with Swiss dark chocolate chips)

Hazelnut (hazelnut paste from Italy)

Walnut (walnut paste and chunks)

Montélimar nougat (Chabert & Guillot Montélimar nougat cream with chunks of nougat, honey and almonds)

Gingerbread (made from real gingerbread)

Chocolate-hazelnut spread (tastes just like the famous spread)

Pistachio (pistachio paste from Sicily with pistachio chips)

Liquorice (liquorice paste)

Rum and raisin (rum from the West Indies and home-marinated golden raisins)

Speculoos (made from Lotus® Speculoos biscuits)

Stracciatella (milk ice cream with Swiss dark chocolate chips)

Tiramisu (mascarpone and amaretto liqueur marbled with chocolate)

Vanilla (Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla and fresh butter)

Vanilla macadamia (Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla with a swirl of caramel sauce and chunks of caramelized macadamia nuts)

2.5 liters

The best ingredients selected for the quality of their origin.

Flavour and texture

To optimize the development of flavor and texture, we leave our mixes to stand for at least 12 hours.